The Greater UX Journey

Regardless of industry and what we’re building, the user journey won’t starts until it’s live. To grow you need to TCB every day. Designing for grit is my way of making that growth more likely to happen.

The Grit UX Process

Look further to go further

And one more thing, great UX is without a doubt the easiest and most effective way to get a competitive advantage. Always by executing the same simple UX mantra: Grow your darlings.; creating a clear vision, aligning all needs, make the interaction fun, easy and intuitive and automating the day-to-day.

Map the user journey onto your marketing

I work with agencies, startups, and user-centric organizations, basically anyone as long as the project is interesting.
Full stack UX designer with a marketing twist, check out the Toolbox
And as a business you need to be an enabler of growth And that in order to be a sustainable businesses needs to be a positive force in the world and get their growth by helping others to grow. That are the types of experiences I want to designe. UX designers One thing is certain if you keep others from growing your nothing but parasite.

Drive UX further

I’m a creative strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for User Experience and growth. My core skill is to combine big data sets with user insights and turn it into easy to use actionable communication strategies and tactics. In short, it’s all about making happy users. It’s crucial to learn the strategies, tactics, and tools that will help us keep our users happy. This site is a journey to the end, cause in this transparent world happy users are by far the best marketing.


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User Testing

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Discovery Phase

Scoping (brief /debrief /back brief )

Understand the problem and define and visualize the goal of the project 
➔ Report – Come back with couple of solutions (S,M,L) / Quota 

Time examples (draft)  

  • Scope meeting; 2h
  • Writing Report & Quote; 3h

Strategy ( Brand, Digital, Business, UX, Marketing, Content)

Through workshops, research, interviews and ideation we create an action plan based on fact and insights designed to guide and help in the process to achieve the goal.

➔ Strategy delivery – Scope based strategy guide and action plan.

Time examples ( draft)

  • Design Sprint; 5 days
  • Brand Sprint; 5 h
  • UX Workshop; 5 h
  • Marketing Workshop; 5h 
  • Online Survey; 1 day
  • 5 Stakeholder Interviews; 1 day
  • 5 User Interviews; 1 day
  • Product Hands On; 2 h – days ?
  • User Journey; 1 day
  • User personas; 1 day / persona
  • Competitive Research; 1 day
  • Ideation / presentation; 1 – 5 days
  • Meetings; 2h / meeting

Design Phase

Information Architecture

Designing the structure of the site or app, including innovative IA functionality. Depending on the complexity of the built this might include story structure, functionality, taxonomy, interactive sitemap, .  

➔ Structure – Sitemap with varied levels of complexity

Time examples ( draft)

  • Information Architecture; 4h – 3 days ( depending on the level of innovation )
  • Simple Sitemap; 4h – 1 day
  • Complete taxonomy sitemap (mapping all content from the current site to new); 2 – 5 days
  • Story structure in sitemap; 1 day
  • Meetings; 2h / meeting

UX Design

Designing the wireframes of the build based on the outcomes of the previous phases, user behavior, best practice and competitor research.  

➔ Structure – Wireframes mapping out all templates, modules and key pages of the build.   

Time examples( draft)

  • UX “mood board” research; 1 day
  • Primary Wireframe design (desktop); 2 – 5 days
  • Secondary Wireframe design (mobile); 1- 3 days
  • Tertiary Wireframe design (tablet); 1 – 3 days
  • Other ( Voice, Watch, VR ); Case by case
  • Meetings; 2h / meeting

User testing

Testing lo-fi prototypes on users to test the overall UX design or to get quick feedback on certain aspects and solutions of the design

➔ Test reports – Insight summary of the tests

Time examples ( draft)

  • Lo-fi prototype; 1 day
  • User testing: 2h / user
  • Meetings; 2h / meeting

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Growth strategy