The Golden Circle and the brand storytelling universe

Why the golden circle is the best strategic think tool for happy user design

I don’t dispute that Simon Sinek’s golden circle model in many ways has been a game changer for strategic business communication. The simplicity of the model has made communicative thinking accessible to many more people. This model shows that the “softer” values drive business in a much higher degree than we usually would assume. But I think it’s time to take a closer look at the “How” and the “What” in the model, and not just focus on the “Why”.


Start with “Why” but don’t you forget the “How” and “What”

To build a compelling story about your brand, to start with why, as Simon Sinek says, you need to have good answers to the “How” and “What” questions as well. Your story needs to have a depth, otherwise, people don’t see it as trustworthy. From a communication perspective, a business is not its products, but rather a promise to the users that “we” will do whatever it takes to solve their problem. To be able to do that you need to have a clear “How” and “What” to help guide your actions to deliver on that promise.

The “How” is not just how you make your products, it’s also how “how you do it” affects the world around you. It’s about the companies values and the constraints those values will have on your actions.

The “What” is not just what you do right now. It’s also a question; what more could we do to help the users, and not just when it comes to specific products or services. What positive changes can we do in the community?

By thinking in this way, all layer of the golden circle will be useful when you draft your communication strategies and tactics.