Grow your darlings!

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been helping organizations of all verticals and sizes to grow. Always by executing the same simple UX mantra: Grow your darlings.

UX just got better 

As always goals matter. With Growth UX goal is a working  ever the aim With growth UX is just like normal UX but better, because with Growth UX you get marketing added into the mix from the start.

Design for growth 

Give your users something valuable 

The new competitive advantages

I work with any one that want to make the world all little better. Agencies, Startups or Organization. 

Agencies, Startups or Organizations 

Need some growth?

  • Agencies
  • Startups 
  • User centric organizations 

Contact me and we’ll make the world a tint bit bigger. 


Fredrik Torstensson 

Senior UX Strategy & Design with 15+ years experience

UX strategist and designer with a solid marketing background. Over the years I’ve worked with many companies across all sizes and verticals to turn their UX into a tangible competitive advantage.

The Growth UX Process

And one more thing, great UX is without a doubt the easiest and most effective way to get a competitive advantage. 

; creating a clear vision, aligning all needs, make the interaction fun, easy and intuitive and automating the day-to-day.

The UX Process
In the fertile UX greenhouse 

I work with agencies, startups, and user-centric organizations, basically anyone as long as the project is interesting. 

Full stack UX designer with a marketing twist, check out the Toolbox

And as a business you need to be an enabler of growth And that in order to be a sustainable  businesses needs to be a positive force in the world and get their growth by helping others to grow. That are the types of experiences I want to designe. UX designers  One thing is certain if you keep others from growing your nothing but parasite.

Drive UX further

  • Strategic user experience work, for example, design and brand sprints
  • Research, site audits, user and stakeholder interviews,
  • Information architecture, site structures, sitemaps, and taxonomy designs
  • UX design, Wireframe design, and prototyping
  • User-testing
  • Creative concepts, marketing, product and process ideation
  • Marketing strategies including content, social, growth hack tactics

Belive every thing you read

I’m a creative strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for User Experience and growth. My core skill is to combine big data sets with user insights and turn it into easy to use actionable communication strategies and tactics. In short, it’s all about making happy users. It’s crucial to learn the strategies, tactics, and tools that will help us keep our users happy. This site is a journey to the end, cause in this transparent world happy users are by far the best marketing.

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